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What Is Reflexology And Why Should You Use It?

Reflexology is a natural therapy that uses pressure on specific body parts to promote overall health and wellness. It is based on the theory that certain reflexes in the hands, feet, and ears are connected to vital organs, glands, and other systems. Through the massaging of these points, the body will receive a wide range of benefits.


Reflexology And Zone Therapy

reflexology essential oils - fraser holistic healthReflexology comes from the study about how reflexes in the body are connected to other parts. Certain spots in the hands, feet, and ears are all connected to other body parts through the nervous system. Reflexologists use “zone theory” to map out these body parts and determine where pressure needs to be applied for noninvasive therapy. For example, applying pressure on reflex zones on the feet can improve circulation and digestion and relieve tension.

This is a more contemporary approach, of course. Reflexology can be traced back to ancient China and the belief of qi (pronounced “chee”), or the vital energy that flows through the body. Stress and anxiety can block qi, creating imbalances that lead to health issues. The reflexology of Chinese medicine also uses a map of different pressure points and the spots to which they correspond. 

Regardless of how you see it, reflexology can be a soothing wellness therapy. As the reflexologist gently massages the reflexes, the nervous system adjusts and the mind begins to feel relaxed. The touch of an experienced practitioner can reduce pain and stress while improving mood, much like other massage therapies.


Reflexology For Babies And Children

reflexology hands - fraser holistic healthReflexology is safe and effective, not just for adults. Babies and children can also receive the many benefits of reflexology, as well as ones specific to their needs. Newborns can benefit from a form of reflexology where the parent stimulates the feet and hands as a way to create happiness and bonding. More advanced therapies require the skilled training of a reflexologist. Children experiencing colic, digestion issues, teething, or frequent fussiness in the middle of the night (also known as the witching hour) will get much-needed support and relief from reflexology.

Reflexology can also help a baby before it comes into the world. When you’re pregnant, the problems you endure can feel overwhelming: digestion, insomnia, poor circulation and swelling, mood swings… the list goes on and on! Prenatal reflexology supports and improves physical and emotional health during pregnancy. It gives the mother-to-be physical relief from discomfort and time away from busy day-to-day activities.

Reflexology gives both new and soon-to-be moms the time to focus on themselves and enjoy the pregnancy. Emotional support, relaxation, and being mindful are all so necessary during this time, and reflexology appointments can provide them in a comforting environment!

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