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School of Essentria

School Of Essentria qualifies and empowers people through aromatherapy. School Of Essentria offers multiple aromatherapy courses to offer a diverse selection. Take a big leap into expanding your knowledge and learning how to use essential oils safely or learn about the body with essential oils! Just starting? School Of Essentria offers an introduction to essential oils. School Of Essentria was created by Rachael Dean, Nikki Fraser, and Rhonda Greenbury who are each Level 3, Certified Clinical Aromatherapists with NAHA and Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioners (CAHP) with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA). School Of Essentria is an online school offering a Level 3 certification course with NAHA and is an approved school through the CFA.

Fraser Holistic Health is a partner of School Of Essentria and a complete Certified Aromatherapist!


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