Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired??


Essential Oils

If this sounds like you, come join me in learning how ESSENTIAL OILS can help you in most areas of your life. From everyday annoyances, mood management, skin care, sleep and relaxation, pain management…the support is endless!

You can learn more about the essential oils at my school - School of Essentria, where you can take the free introductory course.

If you want a personalized consultation, I meet clients in person or through video chat online to accommodate people worldwide. These are 60 minutes consultations, that include a full health history to make sure that there aren’t any contradictions to any essential oils. 30-minute follow up appointments are also available. If you are in the London, Ontario region, I can visit your home and teach you and/or some friends the basics of using essential oils safely. 


Essential oils for children

This online course is for any parent or caregiver. You will learn proper dilution, safety tips, my top 20 essential oils to use, recipes to use with children and through the house to keep everyone safe.

Everything you need to support your children physically and emotionally as they grow into independent young adults.

This is a great course if you have children of any age, from newborns to help with diaper rash, to teenagers helping with hormone balance and focus for homework.

Also helping you reduce your toxic footprint in your home. Learn how essential oils can help clean your produce, your kitchen, your bathroom and so much more.

Intuitive Aromatherapy

I love to provide Intuitive Aromatherapy for all those interested. A 3 card spread done over video chat with Aromatherapy Insight Cards by Jennifer Jeffries. As emotional beings, it isn’t always easy to support ourselves emotionally. These cards allow your intuition to do the hard work. To learn more about it, click below.


Aroma Massage

Aroma massage works with the soft tissue, allowing the essential oils to do all the heavy work. It is a full massage, focusing on the nervous system. 


Essential EBooks

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If you wanted to get started now on your oily journey, you can purchase my top 10 oils to help revamp your health & wellness here, and select Join & Save.


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